Do you wholesale?

Yes! We've partnered with Faire to allow you to order our products online! In addition to easy ordering, we now offer the following benefits through Faire:

  • Net 60 terms on all orders for brick & mortar stores
  • Free returns on your first order
  • Limited time: $200 of credit for our line when you sign up if it’s your first order on Faire!

Visit Beambranch.faire.com to visit our shop. 

For more questions email us at info@beamandbranch.com


Do you do custom orders?

Yup! We love to create both custom wood designs and baskets. Send us an email for more information. Lets create something together!

What do I use the basket for?

Literally anything! Its a perfect storage option for anything from jewelry, keys and glasses to cool rocks or air plants.

What is a natural dye?

The natural dye used is mostly plant based materials including leaves, flowers, spices and food waste. Sometimes Cochineal is used which is a tiny beetle that produces a beautiful purple or red pigment.

How do I clean my basket?

Spot cleaning with a warm damp cloth is recommended. Due to the nature of natural dye some fading may occur if other washing methods are used.